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Interact: A new way to engage

Sukhi Kooner
Head of Propositions, Commercial and Regulatory, BT Media & Broadcast

Digital is a growing area for the broadcast industry with engagement becoming more and more important to help increase subscriptions and viewership. 

And as digital technology gives people increasing ways to access and consume content, businesses are finding there’s a greater need to build interactive experiences to encourage audience participation and implement a competitive business strategy. 

Introducing Interact

Our new digital engagement tool, Interact is the ideal solution for connecting with your audiences. With Interact, you can create online votes, predictions and competitions that reward your audience and increase engagement.

Interact makes it easy to design and incorporate your campaigns into webpages or apps, including photos, videos, and GIFs. Pick winners randomly or accurately based on voting results; using our winner selector tool. And benefit from new opportunities for revenue and brand growth.

Why Interact?

Interact gives you the tools you need to increase viewership and reach higher levels of engagement before, during and after the event. You can turn your engagement into revenue by monetising campaigns through sponsorship plug-ins, entry charges, or data capture. And you can see the bigger picture by combining your online and traditional results in one place, then using analytics to fine-tune your strategy and create more personalised campaigns.  

Vote, poll, compete and predict

There are four ways that Interact can increase engagement and build a better relationship with your audience. By using our portal, you can create online votes, polls, and competitions. And let your fans predict the results of tournament matches and win prizes. 

  • Vote: Let your audience pick their favourite choice, with the option to use chargeable votes 
  • Poll: See what people are thinking with polls that accurately gauge their opinions 
  • Compete: Run competitions and prize draws, then easily choose the winners 
  • Predict: Give your fans the chance to predict the results of tournaments 

If you want to know more about how Interact can help you drive audience and fan engagement, dive into our virtual event which features a live demonstration of the Interact platform. And to find out how BT Sport successfully used Interact to drive engagement in their Action Women of the Year Awards, check out our case study.

From broadcasters and sports clubs to media agencies and event organisers, Interact is designed to help you know and grow your audience. And by working with us, you can simplify your supply chain, getting all your audience interaction solutions from one place. 

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