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BT Sport Interact

Commanding audience attention in a high-impact way.

How could leading sports broadcaster BT Sport, improve their audience engagement at the annual Action Women Awards which celebrate the most outstanding achievement of female athletes over the year?

The challenge

The modern-day armchair sports fan is a demanding sort. The days of passively watching an event in isolation are fading fast, in part due to the audience interaction innovations pushed by BT Sport.

These days fans want to be part of the action. They expect to engage with the sport, the stars, and with their fellow fans as easily as they do with their social media apps. Digital engagement is huge, and the live voting experience is a big part of creating that sense of a fan community. 

So, with the Action Woman Awards on the horizon, BT Sport were keen to find a digital audience engagement platform that would grab the attention of their viewers and deliver voting integrity to the awards show.

The solution

Interact, our digital engagement tool for real-time interaction, provided the ideal solution. 

We designed Interact specifically for audience and fan engagement. It is a customisable digital interaction platform, which is ideal for easily setting up votes and competitions, gathering accurate data, and analysing audience behaviours.

The user interface (UI) is simple, intuitive, and incredibly easy to use. BT Sport were able to build interactive experiences, embedded into webpages and apps, that engaged and excited their audience. Images are visually engaging and bring the pages to life, capturing the imagination of the viewers and encouraging them to become part of the programme.

The result

BT Sport’s campaign was a resounding success, boosting their audience engagement for the Action Women Awards.

The team were impressed with the speed and ease of Interact, with which they could create, customise and launch their campaign.


Creating the new campaign was easy. They just signed into their dashboard, opened the admin panel, clicked on ‘Create new campaign’ and got creative. 


One of the features that impressed the BT Sport team was the ability to customise their campaign. Enabling or disabling engagement features such as social sharing, winner selection, or location restrictions within Interact is simple. They could also experiment with colours, text, design, and layout to optimise your campaign to suit the brand and purpose.


Being able to launch the Action Women Awards campaign quickly was a bonus for BT Sport. As with many live broadcast events, they were working right down to the wire. Interact allowed them to swiftly generate the campaign code to integrate into the BT Sport website. 

Come the day and, thanks to the agility of Interact, the BT Sport campaign worked seamlessly across multiple devices. The team were able to assess its performance in real-time, making sure that the results of the public vote were both accurate and fair. 

Which was great news for BT Sport, but even better news for Emma Raducanu who came out on top of the vote as 2021 champion.

Being able to accurately monitor and track voting ahead of a high-profile live TV awards event under the gaze of major press, athletes and the industry was of a paramount importance. But we also had to find a system that seamlessly integrated into our own systems and processes. Interact enabled us to achieve both aims

Jamie Hindhaugh
Chief Operating Officer, BT Sport
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