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Media & Broadcast

We're the leading provider of media services - and we have been for more than 60 years

We support customers 

across the media value chain


We work with you to give you the edge in today’s media and broadcast industry, from content creation to distribution.


We’re at the forefront of broadcast technology, constantly updating our approach to meet market demands and to ensure we’re delivering a world-leading global network for the next generation of media and broadcast services.

Why choose us?


A history of excellence

Our market-leading network - built on reliable, high-quality fibre - has been serving media and broadcast businesses with flawless networked video for more than 60 years.

Our delivery teams are proactive and knowledgeable, stopping service issues before they happen and reacting quickly when a problem arises. So you can focus on other parts of your business, safe in the knowledge that your content is in safe hands. 


Global reach and partners

We move up to 16, 000 hours of content a day through BT Tower, serving more than 500 media production and distribution customers around the world. As well as being the backbone of all UK TV services, we distribute TV channels for companies like NBC Universal and Viacom. And we link the global production community, from Soho, to Bollywood, to Hollywood – and beyond. 


Working with a purpose

We help you grow your businesses by blending new ideas with our proven approach – whatever works best for you. Our teams of technologists and industry experts understand your challenges – and your opportunities. So whether it’s designing systems and solutions that exceed expectations, or re-thinking commercial models, we work with only your needs in mind.

Our services

Whether you need fibre, satellite or the internet, we give you the flexibility to choose the best way to get your content from A to B – and beyond.

We help you access, move and archive your media files smarter. So you can exceed expectations, whatever the project.

From Bollywood to Hollywood, we deliver high-quality video content where you want it. The global market is waiting for you – we’ll help you grow your audience.

You want your audience to care about and engage with your content. It’s that simple. We’ve got the tools to make sure they do.

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