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Introducing Vena: The future of broadcasting

Vena, our smart new broadcast network, is set to transform your business by intelligently connecting your media supply chain

Meet the smart broadcast network

Optimise your workflows

A connected supply chain can help you work more efficiently, while adding automation can save time and resources too.

Move files quickly

Meet all your streaming, file, and data needs, together with native video. Vena has more than enough capacity for today, and tomorrow.

Stay in control of your network

From contribution to distribution, Vena gives you the control and visibility, unrivalled availability and 24/7 access. All making it quicker and easier to manage, produce and distribute your content.

Supporting every element of your media supply chain

Vena is designed with your needs in mind. Giving you the control, visibility, and ability to make changes at any time.

It’s set to play a big role in the way the broadcasting industry works today

So, get ready to be:

More versatile

You can select, configure, and book temporary on-demand and permanent services quickly. Adding and removing services as you need them for greater control.

More efficient

Enjoy complete, end-to-end control at your fingertips, automate your workflows, and create role-based rules.

More in control

You can see your network usage and capacity across real-world maps to schedule bookings and make business decisions in real-time. 

Let’s work together

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