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Delivering exceptional broadcasts through our intelligent media platform

Vena - our intelligent media platform. Flexible, future-proof, and resilient, delivering excellence in every broadcast.

In a rapidly evolving media landscape, the need for a reliable, high-performance broadcast network is more critical than ever. As we bid farewell to the UK Media Network (UKMN) on 30 November 2024, the imperative to embrace a more resilient and future-proofed platform is clear.

An evolution: from UKMN to Vena

Why this shift? Let's delve into the market context.

In the complex world of broadcasting, the demand for service diversity is paramount. Service diversity refers to the ability of a network to maintain distinct, isolated paths for different streams of content. Imagine carrying broadcasts from high-stakes events like Premier League matches – where any failure could mean a disruption in service. The need for a network that ensures service diversity isn’t a luxury; it's a necessity in the world of media delivery.

Broadcasters face a myriad of other challenges that require innovative solutions too. The need for speed, both in terms of data transmission and decision-making, is more critical than ever. High bandwidth is a prerequisite when dealing with the data-intensive nature of video signals. Latency, the time lag between signal transmission and reception, needs to be minimised for a seamless viewing experience.

Vena: meeting the unprecedented demands

Enter Vena, an intelligent media platform designed for the unique demands of broadcasting. Launched in 2021 and continually evolving with new features since, it addresses the key requirements of service diversity, speed, bandwidth, and latency.

In a world where every second counts, the automation and orchestration capabilities of Vena are invaluable. Traditionally, the broadcast industry operated with manual processes, which not only introduced delays but also left room for errors. But as part of the managed service in our International Media Centre (IMC), Vena puts automation at centre stage. During unexpected interruptions, Vena can re-route and restore traffic in seconds by seamlessly switching to a back-up route. That reduces time and therefore cuts unnecessary costs.  

What’s more, Vena allows for quick provisioning of new, fully validated services on existing equipment in minutes. That’s transformational when it comes to lead times, taking them from weeks to a matter of minutes – giving you efficiency gains, as well as making cost management more straightforward, without the need for extensive infrastructure upgrades.

Behind the scenes, our team of experts in the IMC work in parallel with Vena’s path computation engine to calculate the most resilient route for your broadcasts. This engine operates in real time, continually monitoring the network to keep your service consistent. What’s more, low latency and high bandwidth are built into the heart of Vena. So you can move any content you need, whenever you need it – whether that’s as little as a single audio signal, or as much as an uncompressed 8K UHD TV channel. 

It puts you in control, too. Vena’s customer portal can give you visibility of exactly how your services are being routed, an extensive array of service information for the entire routing path, and provides a continuous view of performance, so you’re always a step ahead. Our team in the IMC have that continuous visibility too, and they’re constantly working to pinpoint potential issues and fix them – before you even know about them. It ensures continuous, uninterrupted service, even in the face of unexpected challenges.

Unlocking excellence in media delivery

Vena gives you the all the flexibility of cloud-like services with the reliability of a dedicated broadcast network. It supports advanced media standards too, like H.265 / H.264 / JPEG XS, so you’ll always be compatible with modern broadcasting requirements.

In choosing BT for your broadcast network, you’re choosing a partner with the expertise and reliability to ensure you can deliver for your audience. With over seven decades of experience, we've earned the trust of multiple broadcasting industry leaders to manage their core networks.

Vena enables you to easily access our wider portfolio of products, pulling more of your operations in one place. And given Vena’s constantly evolving, you’ll always get the latest updates, features, and capabilities as they’re released. 

To find out how Vena can transform your broadcasts, visit our website or speak to your account manager.

Get ready for tomorrow, today.

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