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Our intelligent media platform, built for broadcast

Introducing Vena:
The future of broadcasting

Gain complete visibility over your media operations – and deliver more than ever before.

Our intelligent IP-native media platform, Vena, gives you all the flexibility of cloud-like services with the reliability of a dedicated broadcast network.

Vena enables customers to easily utilise and access Media and Broadcast’s wider portfolio of products, pulling more of your operations in one place.

Give your media operations a foundation fit for the future

Make smarter decisions with complete visibility

Vena lets you see exactly how we route your services and keeps you up to date on performance, so you always know exactly what’s going on –and always stay a step ahead.

Never miss a second with best-in-class resilience

In the event of an unexpected interruption or outage, Vena can re-route and restore your traffic in seconds, seamlessly switching to a backup route.

Save time with automation

Streamline your operations and become more efficient, thanks to Vena’s dynamic provisioning. It means we can create services remotely, quickly and reliably, so you can be more flexible and better manage your costs.

See Vena in-action at IBC 2023

Our team take you through an update on our Vena platform and show how it can give your media operations a foundation fit for the future.

It’s set to play a big role in the way the broadcasting industry works today

So, get ready to be:

Be faster and more resilient

Vena is capable of carrying as little as a single audio signal, or as much as an uncompressed 8K UHD TV channel - so you’ll never need to worry about your content getting to where it needs to go.

Be rest assured

Not only is everything remotely managed – from in-life to the latest technology upgrades - your services will operate without interruption. Our International Media Centre provides 24/7 end-to-end system monitoring, staffed by highly specialised and experienced engineers. Our experts will proactively monitor faults so they’re ready to fix any that arise - allowing you to focus on what truly matters.

Be ready for tomorrow, today

Vena is constantly evolving - you’ll always get the latest updates, features, and capabilities as they’re released.

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