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Expanding into America

An interview with our new North American Sales Manager, Ted Carr

It’s an exciting time for us at BT Media & Broadcast as Ted Carr joins our team as our senior sales representative in sunny California. We’ve now got a permanent presence in the region, making it easier for our customers to engage with us in the American market. Ted took some time (and a very early wake up call) to chat with us about the current broadcast situation in America and the strategy for BT Media & Broadcast going forward.

Can you tell us about your experience and background?

I come from a history of sales in the broadcast and video industry and have over 20 years experience selling technology solutions. I started out working for a system integration firm, selling services and establishing the company presence. As my passion for broadcast and technology grew, I worked for other broadcast and content solution companies and most recently I have come from Globecast, where I provided broadcasters with managed master control services along with satellite and terrestrial distribution services.


What excited you about working with BT Media & Broadcast?

I’m fascinated by the advancements in broadcast technology and BT Media & Broadcast are by far, one of the most advanced in the business. I’m eager to take what I’ve learnt in the markets over here and build upon BT’s established connectivity to nurture existing businesses and gain more.

And since I’ve joined, it’s been fantastic. The support has been amazing and I’m enjoying working with an experienced team who really know the industry inside and out.


What’s the broadcast market currently like in the US?

There’s a lot going on at the moment with many companies focusing on Internet content for cable companies and a need for high capacity transmission. The use of this transmission and remote productions – where production isn’t at a venue but at a customer site with the show sent back to the studio – is very popular with the big brand channels.

There’s a big gap in the market for 4K at the moment – broadcasters aren’t utilising it as much as they could be, especially when there are so many opportunities – sports, performances, etc., the push for 4K has been more from the consumer electronics side (display manufactures) rather than broadcasters.


So where does BT Media & Broadcast fit into this?

There’s huge potential for BT! As BT want to be closer to their customers, by having a permanent member of the team based over here, it demonstrates their ambitions to grow in the region. Which is good because general views at the moment are that BT is a professional company with higher levels of services than what we have over here. With 4K going to be the next big step for American companies, BT Media & Broadcast are well positioned to push this.


With that in mind, what are you main goals going forward?

Firstly, I want to nurture the existing business that we do already have. I recognise BT once had a stronger position in the US and there’s an incredible amount of opportunity out here!

We already have business with several of the big names here, providing them with connectivity. But my role is to develop these relationships further and make clients aware of some of the resources they don’t have, for example, our UHD outside broadcasting links truck for special events.

Recently I met with one of the world’s biggest entertainment brands to discuss what we can do with them and I’m excited about several potential areas where we can work more closely together. As we’re so much more advanced than other competitors, it’s an exciting road ahead as we can provide high-end technologies to clients who demand services such as the high capacity and 4K transmissions that we currently provide in the UK.


When you’re not busy bringing business to BT, what do you like to do?

As I’m based in California, I enjoy mountain biking, hiking, generally making the most of the beautiful weather…


…we’ll stop you there before we get too jealous.

With lots of potential for providing connectivity and broadcast solutions to the American market, BT Media & Broadcast have the platform to make it happen. If you want to explore new territories then please get in touch with Ted Carr.

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