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How we made Project Restart a reality

After what seems like a lifetime, it’s finally back. The English Premier League returns. We’re providing the contribution for all Premier League and FA Cup broadcasters, giving fans across the nation the live football they’ve been craving.

It’s back, but not like it was

To the audience watching on their screens, they won’t notice anything different (apart from empty stands and strange celebrations). But behind the scenes there’s been a big change in the way we work as an industry. 

Remote production

By adopting this method, broadcasters and production crews maintain a minimal presence on site at stadiums. Instead they’re able to remotely manage visions, audio and production from a remote operation centre, either centralised or decentralised. Or they can secure a dedicated data path on our high capacity network back to their studios. These options add extra flexibility for production crews, presenters and commentators still working from home or having to comply with social distancing, ensuring health and safety regulations are met.

Delivering workflows

Pre-season planning for live Premier League broadcasts usually takes months. Although it’s felt like the closed season these past three months, when the rescheduled fixtures were announced, we were able to accelerate these plans and implement new workflows with broadcasters in a matter of weeks. It’s a very different way of working and is new to everyone involved but it ensures they can still give fans the high-quality viewing experience they’ve been missing.

I am very proud to have been part of a team that refused to say no to the ever-changing requirements and technical difficulties we have encountered along the way. A massive thank you to everyone involved across so many different teams that made this possible. In years to come we will reflect on this as one of the most challenging yet exciting projects we had the pleasure to work on.

Dominik Wrona
Outside Broadcast Manager, BT Media & Broadcast

Our expertise

We’re helping broadcasters to rapidly adopt remote production, whatever level of equipment and personnel they need to have on site, whilst still complying with the measures and restrictions that are currently in place. Our high-capacity network, expertise and partnerships are relied on to get the footballing action from the stadium to the screen. We can also support football clubs in connecting fans to their club in new, virtual ways. The pre and post-match atmosphere doesn’t need to be lost. We can help replicate the experience for the viewer at home as if nothing was different.

Take a look at our video to see how it all works.

You can find out more about our TV Outside Broadcast services

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