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Live content during lockdown

We understand the importance of getting your live sports content to audiences around the world. 

After all, we do this day-in, day-out for the highest profile events in the sporting calendar. But with the shortage of live sports content, we're also well placed to help you to innovate and transform your business to be able to deliver new content, in new ways too.

The technology is ready, we can provide the connectivity for you, we can help to bring esports and traditional broadcasters together and expand your reach to new audiences. That's why we held a virtual roundtable webinar with a panel of industry experts to address these challenges and opportunities first-hand.

Chaired by Jake Bickerton from Broadcast Sport, it was a great opportunity to hear from expert speakers on how they're tackling the situation and what the future of broadcasting could look like. These are some of the most prominent questions we discussed:

  • how can we fulfil the needs of sports content-deprived customers?
  • does this represent an opportunity for esports to accelerate growth?
  • how do we bring the streaming services and traditional broadcasting worlds together?
  • how can we collaborate better as an industry to be more flexible?

Speakers on the day

Andy Beale
Chief Engineer, BT Sport
Milly Preston
Head of Marketing, Excel Sports
Andrew Lane
Director of Broadcast, FACEIT
Paula Rigby
International Production/Broadcast Consultant, Noah Media Group

If you missed the event or want to watch it again, check out our replay video below.

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