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Broadcast live TV the best way possible

There's nothing quite like live TV to engage audiences. And we can help you deliver these broadcasts to anyone, anywhere in the world. We offer fibre connectivity to the most venues in the UK alone. With our hybrid fibre/satellite links trucks, we can help you broadcast wherever you are. And our innovative remote production solutions offer flexibility to support your broadcasts no matter the level of equipment or personnel you have on site.

Pick ‘n’ Mix TVOB commercial packages


Event tier

Picture quality




Delivery method

Platinum High UHD, HDR Full 1+1 ≤ JPEG XS or Uncompressed BISS-CA, DPP certified Dual fibre or dual satellite
Gold Medium HD, HDR or UHD 1 + 0 Access, 1 + 1 Core HEVC or TICO BISS-CA, DPP certified Hybrid
Silver Low HD 1 + 0 MPEG, J2K BISS, DPP certified Single satellite, single fibre or microwave

These service tiers are for illustrative purposes only, to give you an idea on how you can combine elements from different tiers to create a broadcast that suits you. To find out more on how our pick ‘n’ mix commercials work, and to see some examples, take a look at our infographic.

We know what we're doing

We're one of the largest TV outside broadcast (TVOB) providers in the UK, with more than 60 years' experience. We helped launch Europe’s first live sports ultra-high definition (UHD) channel in August 2015 and we now deliver multiple UHD broadcasts every week. And on top of that we make sure you can find the right service at the right price with our remodelled commercial packages that cater for all types of events. With our silver package you can enjoy quality HD picture with limited resilience. Or you can go for gold, with UHD, HD/HDR, UHD/HDR top picture quality with hybrid resilience. And at the top end we have platinum, offering you the very best in quality and resilience. When you’re ready to offer the best in broadcast services, you can do it with the right solution and the right package that meets your needs. Get in touch with us to find out more.

Bring your visions to life

We're helping our customers in their shift to remote production by delivering multiple HD visions across our high capacity contribution network. We can help you customise the right solution for your needs, bringing your audience the uninterrupted high-quality live programmes they expect.


Sometimes you might just need a more portable solution for your outside broadcast needs. Which is why we’ve introduced Flightcase into our TVOB portfolio. Our plug-and-play solution comes in at just 25kg and is perfect for delivering live tier 2 and 3 events both domestically and internationally. If you’re looking for a highly portable broadcast solution that produces an impressive level of output and formats, then come and talk to us about Flightcase.

We’ve done it before

This includes our HEVC over satellite solution, which allows you to broadcast in UHD from more places than ever before. We should know, we worked with the BBC in 2018 to broadcast every game from Centre Court using it. It’s also been used heavily on Premier League and FA Cup broadcasts, as well as live, big venue entertainment shows like the Isle of Wight festival. We also offer best-in-class security with our BISS-CA encryption technology. It enables you to deliver the highest video quality while keeping broadcasts secure so you can give the best viewing experience possible. When it comes to bringing visions to life, we live by what we say. In the spring of 2020 when live football stopped, we worked tirelessly on Project Restart to make sure we could bring live sport back to its fans. And we did. Check out our video to see how we made it happen.

The best quality content

When it comes to delivering crystal clear UHD content, we know a thing or two. We’ve delivered more events in UHD to more customers than any other UK supplier. That includes over 4,000 hours of Premier League football, the International Cricket Championship, IAAF World Championships and live tennis from Wimbledon’s Centre Court. And that’s just a snippet of what we’ve done.

At IBC 2019, we made history yet again by delivering more ‘firsts’. We broadcast the highest ever quality live Premier League match in 4K HDR with Dolby Atmos, and we won the ‘Best in Show’ for it too. And let’s not forget our ground-breaking live 8K broadcast of rugby.

Your turn?

With our Global Media Network and coverage spreading far and wide, just imagine how far we can take your content. And how great it’ll look too.

Want to know more?

  • BT TV Outside Broadcast infographic

    Find out more about our different commercial packages and how you can pick 'n' mix different tiers to deliver the event you want.

    26/10/2021 pdf - 217 KB
  • BT TV Outside Broadcast datasheet

    A live outside broadcast can bring in viewers – and revenue – like nothing else. Download the datasheet to find out more.

    26/10/2021 pdf - 137 KB

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