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The lowdown on our 5G Tech Talk

On 21 November, we held our 5G Tech Talk for Media & Entertainment (M&E) at the BT Tower. We had a great turnout with feedback praising us for giving customers the opportunity to share thoughts on 5G and discussing potential applications for it in the M&E industry.

Matt Stagg, Head of Mobile Video at EE, kicked off the discussions by sharing our vision for how 5G can be engineered to suit different industries. The key focus points included:

  • the greater flexibility and capability that 5G has over 4G
  • more development underway to redefine reliability as ‘availability’ to ensure a continuous data stream available as devices move between cell sites
  • the ambition to guarantee a bidirectional speed of 50Mbit/s per user
  • by using analytics, we can understand user behaviour on the network in order to know the capacity we need to put in place
  • the availability of spectrum blocks over the next two to three years with initial rollout estimated to start around 2020 to 2021.

As we talked about the topics at length, our Media & Broadcast experts, mobile gurus and our attending customers brought the following points to the forefront of discussion:

  • importance of having ‘availability’ as guaranteed and thus not losing performance due to contention or movement – achieving this would allow for 5G to become the network of choice for on-location broadcasting
  • requirements can vary based on either latency (live streaming) or bandwidth (file sharing) so there will need to be options for both
  • the ability to send and receive streams and accommodate layers of communications, for example video, audio and data
  • 5G would be useful in fixed locations as it replaces ISDN lines, for example radio commentary at a football stadium
  • the ability to self-serve on location via a portal
  • having the option to ingest content back into the core broadcast network to manage content end-to-end.

Following our fruitful conversations, we enjoyed a relaxing afternoon at the top of the BT Tower. It was a great opportunity for us to address hot topics in the M&E industry and we’ll continue to act as the facilitator of discussions going forward, as there’s lots of exciting opportunities that we can potentially all benefit from in the future.

So watch out for our next Tech Talk event.

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