• Collaboration networking

    Having the ability to share, connect and collaborate on digital content helps make the media ecosystem work. Whether it’s connecting post production teams for edits, effects or sound, raw footage or completed programming, BT Media IP Nexus gives you the ability to avoid the lengthy process of sending files over the internet or couriering them at often vast expense.

    BT Media IP Nexus is a high-speed data transfer network built with the creative industry in mind.  Used with a file transfer service, such as BT Media Move, files can be sent quickly and easily in close to real-time. So you can improve your workflows and use the best partners for your production, regardless of where they are in the UK.

    BT Media IP Nexus

  • Global Media Network and Switches

    Our Global Media Network is tried and tested for delivering content across the globe. It’s highly resilient, secure and cost-effective. And it can carry live-to-air and file-based broadcast quality content for both contribution and distribution.

    The BT Global Media Network helps you reach new territories, create new revenue streams and engage with new audiences. It connects real-time content between key media centres almost anywhere in the world. We already serve some of the largest broadcasters and content producers in the world, helping them deliver everything from live sports and regular programming to reality TV shows from remote locations. We also offer bespoke network design and consultancy to make sure you get cost effective and flexible connectivity.

    BT Global Media Network


  • Cloud and hosted solutions

    Technology has become an intricate part of the media landscape, as all areas of the ecosystem look to connect, share and collaborate on content, regardless of their location.  BT’s Cloud and Hosted solutions portfolio offers the flexibility of cloud, from connectivity to storage or streaming, at a cost effective, pay-for-what-you-use price.

    Whether you are looking for a public cloud that lets you use applications as and when you need them, or a managed cloud service that lets you use resource on a pay-as-you-go basis, we have the cloud or hosted service to meet those needs.

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  • Storage

    The media industry requires access to files all the time, regardless of where they are stored. BT storage solutions offer private cloud or private storage that gives you uninterrupted access to your files, whenever, wherever.  

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  • File transfer & delivery

    Moving and transferring large media files across the internet can be slow and time consuming, and yet it is often an essential part of the content journey. We can help you share files quickly and easily, making this process more flexible and streamlined.

    Our BT Media Move service requires no specialist knowledge and gives you the ability to share or exchange files at every stage of the creative process, anywhere in the world. For additional security, files are encrypted until they are opened by the recipient.

    BT Media Move

    BT Media IP Nexus

    BT Software-based Playout