• Broadcast processing

    We can now offer you more choice with our range of broadcast processing capabilities at BT Tower. Our BT Media Suite includes a range of services and technology such as encoding, decoding and multiplexing, to process your content quickly, easily and securely.
    It is available for permanent or occasional use by our customers and we are continually developing the services to make sure your content is audience-ready, whenever you need it.  

    BT Media Suite

    BT Media Stream

  • Global earth stations

    Reaching new global audiences beyond the boundaries of fibre networks is possible through satellite broadcasting. With BT’s Madley Earth Station, which provides access to satellites covering one third of the globe, we can help you transmit and receive everything from major news events to corporate networks, disaster relief or internet gateway services. And our global partnerships mean we can offer services from multiple teleport locations to reach any major broadcast satellite around the world.

    BT Madley Earth Station

  • Satellite services

    Using our experience and relationships within the broadcast community, we can also offer managed space segment uplinks to provide a simple solution to getting your channels onto many DTH platforms.

    Through BT’s teleports, combined with partner teleports around the world, we can also downlink channels from a range of satellites and use our Global Media Network to distribute these to places where satellites can’t reach.

    In the media industry, connectivity is the lifeblood of content production, facilitating sharing, collaborating and connecting.  For those in remote locations where fixed connectivity is unavailable or prohibitively expensive, we can offer satellite-based data connectivity.


    BT Madley Earth Station

  • Global headends

    We provide connectivity to our media network through our global headends. They offer connectivity for real-time media content, such as rights-holding sports broadcasters, news channels and production companies.

    Once we’ve delivered channels for you, you’ll have a permanent connection, so we’ll be able to deliver content connections for you even quicker in the future. We’re also constantly expanding our service, by growing the number of headends we have around the world. And, as an on-net customer, you’ll automatically benefit from this investment.

    BT Madley Earth Station

  • Global Media Network and Switches

    Our Global Media Network is tried and tested for delivering content across the globe. It’s highly resilient, secure and cost-effective. And it can carry live-to-air and file-based broadcast quality content for both contribution and distribution.

    The BT Global Media Network helps you reach new territories, create new revenue streams and engage with new audiences. It connects real-time content between key media centres almost anywhere in the world. We already serve some of the largest broadcasters and content producers in the world, helping them deliver everything from live sports and regular programming to reality TV shows from remote locations. We also offer bespoke network design and consultancy to make sure you get cost effective and flexible connectivity.

    BT Global Media Network


  • Multi-platform consumption

    Audience expectations of how they consume content have changed dramatically, and media owners and content providers need to make sure they can deliver content to any device, whenever and wherever audiences desire.

    We can help you deliver your content, in high quality, to any platform at scale.  With our bespoke network design team and working with partners who are experts in IP streaming, we can route your content to the internet for distribution on any platform.

    BT Media Stream

  • Cloud-based Playout

    It can be time consuming and expensive to broadcast to other networks or launch and manage multiple channels.  With our cloud-based playout service, we can help you deliver and distribute your content flexibly and cost effectively.

    Our cloud-based broadcast platform is more versatile, scalable and agile than traditional legacy owned and operated systems. And it’s suitable for all levels of delivery and distribution complexity, including both linear and non-linear broadcast platforms.

    BT Software-based Playout

  • Streaming platforms

    Live stream broadcasting is an effective and easy way to reach new audiences. With our BT Media Stream service, we can stream your content across the internet, securely and at scale, to any platform.  

    Our streaming services allow you to offer pay-per-view facilities to customers which can help you generate new revenues and understand more about the types of programming your audience want to watch.

    BT Media Stream