Supporting mass audience participation across TV, print and radio

Consumer interaction with your content is crucial to its success. We are the UK’s number one expert in supporting mass audience participation across TV, print and radio.

  • Audience

    Consumer interaction with your content is crucial to its success. We are the UK’s number one expert in supporting mass audience participation across TV, print and radio, and the partner of choice for all the major UK media owners and premium rate service providers.

    Through our Agilemedia business, we offer interaction services including everything from premium rate numbers, to voting, competition and information services – all of which can help generate additional revenue from your audience.

    BT Agilemedia

  • Subscription-based streaming events

    We provide high quality pay-per-view services that can help you more effectively monetise your content.

    Through our Internet Broadcasting service – BT Media Stream – we route your live content to the internet for distribution on any platform, giving you the potential for global audiences. And our subscription services give you a greater understanding of your viewers’ interests around specific content, so you can be confident in knowing what your audience wants to watch.

    BT Media Stream

  • Premium rate numbers for information and competitions

    We support the full range of UK pence-per-call and pence-per-minute numbers priced from 1p to £6.00. Our powerful, reliable and feature-rich network provides management information, intelligent call routing and complete control so calls can be handled more effectively and to maximise revenue generation.

    Calls can be dealt with on the BT RIDE platform or routed to your equipment. We support both UK and Republic of Ireland numbers and routing to/from these destinations.

    BT Agilemedia

  • Televoting

    Whether it’s your favourite dancing, singing or reality TV programme, where televoting is essential to the format, we run the most reliable, field-proven and compliant platform in Europe. Our mass-volume voting service has achieved record-breaking levels of ‘televote interactions’ for UK broadcasters.

    We have Europe’s largest call termination platform – BT RIDE – with 40 UK termination points, helping to ensure a better audience experience, and calls answered close to the point of origin. With BT RIDE, the studio can be updated with near real-time statistics, enticing new audience members to participate and post-show reports can be generated to analyse participant behaviour.

    BT Agilemedia

  • Mobile interactivity

    Whether by mobile voice shortcode, SMS or MMS, Agilemedia can provide the platform and APIs needed to support your mobile campaigns.

    We’ve been supporting TV, radio and print media clients for the past 15 years helping maximise their return on content and bring a boost to consumer interactivity during and after their programming.

    BT Agilemedia

  • Vote aggregation and winner selection

    Our feature-rich self-service online tools enable you to plan, manage and execute your competitions and voting events in a compliant and secure way.

    Our tools reduce risk by keeping you in control, regardless of time zone or location. Votes and competitions can be fairly adjudicated and accurate results delivered to the studio within minutes.

    Our powerful tools can manage volumes from a just a few votes to millions, helping you manage complex events efficiently and cost effectively.