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Hosting SMPTE Time Code Summit

The Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers® (SMPTE®) held a series of Time Code Summits to gather user community feedback to contribute toward the development of a new time label standard. One of the recent events was held in London and hosted by BT at BT Tower. It was well received by attendees.

What does SMPTE Time Code™ do?
It gives every frame of video a unique identifying number, making digital editing possible. Time Code also enables the association of other data to make audio and video even more meaningful and accurate and is used across many formats, from postproduction for a major studio release to live sports productions.

The video below demonstrates what life would be like if SMPTE Time Code went down in the middle of EDM party:

At the summits, delegates addressed the new and emerging requirements of handling media across cinema, broadcast, theatrical, music recording, concerts, live entertainment and theme parks. More information about SMPTE’s Time Code Summits is available here.

Members who attended also had the opportunity to take a tour of the facilities we have at BT Tower, including our International Media Centre and our TV Outside Broadcast operations. Peter Weitzel, Managing Director of and Secretary/Treasurer for the SMPTE UK Section praised the facilities saying: “It was such a good environment to hold a meeting which was aimed at ‘sorting out’ the requirement for something so fundamental as time labels/Time Codes. The delegates were certainly inspired to come up with lots of answers which more or less fitted together and gave SMPTE a very clear direction. It also showed BT’s commitments to standards and the media industries.”

You can visit the SMPTE website to find out more about the Time Code Summits and other events being held throughout the year.

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