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BT to provide TVOB services for the Six Nations Rugby

BT Media & Broadcast has won the contract to provide TV Outside Broadcast (TVOB) services to the BBC for the Six Nations Rugby. This will include video and audio circuits for the five matches covered by the BBC – two matches from Cardiff and three from Murrayfield.

As part of the new contract, we’ll be providing video services over diverse fibres from the venues, straight to the BT Tower. We will also provide a second links truck which will uplink a third video signal for backup and customers will be able to downlink the satellite services themselves.

Mark Wilson-Dunn, Vice President of BT Media & Broadcast, said: “We’re delighted to announce that we will be providing TV Outside Broadcast facilities for the Six Nations rugby starting this weekend. Our capability of providing high levels of resilience and a competitive package for the services ensured we were the best company for the job.”

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