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BT contributes to DPP report on Cyber Security

We take Cyber Security seriously. Very seriously. And to make sure that you are kept up to date with the latest trends in cyber crime, we contributed to a Digital Production Partnership (DPP) report, with assistance from our Threat Intelligence Specialist at BT Security, Mark Lavender.


As a key player in the world of media and broadcasting, we have a vast array of digital content to protect, especially across our TV channels. We’ve learnt how best to do this and have been using our own security expertise to protect our content and that of our customers.


Awareness and education

It’s often said that the weakest part of your security defence is people. By making sure they understand the threats and what to do to prevent them is just as important as technical defence mechanisms.


Collaboration is key

All organisations have something of value and to combat cyber criminals, we need to take the fight to them. By working with specialists within our industry and other sectors, as well as law enforcement, we’re making it harder for criminals to operate.


A changing landscape

New methods of attack are created every day and 2016 was seen as the year of online extortion, and so far the trends have reflected this. Ransomeware has become prevalent in certain industries and new malware iterations continue to bypass security measures – which is why it’s so important that our digital content is secured right from the beginning. That’s why knowledge and preparation is key, so you can safeguard your content across the entire lifecycle.


Find out more at IBC

We’re sharing our expertise during a cyber security panel discussion at the IBC Conference 2016. Book your place and join our discussion.


You can read our complete blog post, The Changing Threat Landscape, on the DPP site here.

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