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Breaking records at the Champions League Final

It was a match between two titans of football but Cristiano Ronaldo and Real Madrid made history with yet another Champions League victory. But they weren’t the only ones breaking records that day.


As well as aiding broadcasters to deliver the match to a worldwide audience of more than 350 million, our BT Media & Broadcast next-generation TV Outside Broadcast network was an enabler for a series of technology firsts, for the host broadcaster, BT Sport.


In preparation for this event, the National Stadium of Wales joined Media & Broadcast’s Terabit next-generation fibre-based TV Outside Broadcast network. This specialist contribution network links football grounds across the UK to BT Tower, transporting high definition (HD) video uncompressed from venues to production hubs. In addition to carrying the standard broadcast to BT Sport customers throughout the UK, our network also enabled BT Sport to broadcast the match live using High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology in ultra-high definition (UHD) with Dolby Atmos® sound to a private screening in London. Plus, we provided the connectivity to the internet gateway at BT Tower to allow BT Sport to deliver the match in virtual reality (VR) to fans for the first time ever.


As well as supporting the host broadcaster, BT Sport, we also delivered over 10Gbit/s of connectivity to international broadcasters for their unilateral feeds. We also provided temporary communication services to more than 50 international broadcasters, enabling them to take live commentary from the stadium, around the globe.

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