Media Portfolio

  • Bespoke Broadcast Network Design

    We'll help you design and implement the network that’s right for your needs

    We understand how challenging putting together a new network or adding bolt-on elements to your existing network can be. Our network design team have decades of experience in bringing broadcast networks to life and can help you design and implement the network that’s right for your needs.

    One-size does not fit all when it comes to broadcast networks, and we have the expertise in house to make sure your network meets your requirements for today, as well as being ready for the future.  

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  • We bring your content to millions of people worldwide
  • BT Media Suite

    Tailor your content to your requirements

    As the variety of video expands, so does the number of different formats it’s required in. We can help you tailor content to your requirements using Media Suite, our broadcast processing platform at BT Tower.  

    With equipment ranging across encoding formats, standards conversion and time delay, Media Suite allows you to process your content quickly, easily and securely, so it’s ready for transmission.

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  • BT Agilemedia

    Get interactive with your audience

    BT Agilemedia gives you the ability to make your audiences part of the action with pay, play and online participation services.

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    BT RIDE Televote Datasheet

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  • BT TV Outside Broadcast

    Live TV OB, on-demand and nationwide

    Audiences want to see live action broadcasts and our BT TV Outside Broadcast Service can help you deliver them, to anywhere in the world.  We have more than 150 venues in the UK alone offering fibre connectivity. And with our hybrid fibre/satellite links trucks, we can enable broadcasts from anywhere or offer additional resilience.

    We are the largest and most complete TVOB provider in Europe with more than 60 years’ of experience. In August 2015 we helped to launch the first live sports UHD channel in the UK and regularly deliver multiple UHD broadcasts every week. Additionally, we’re helping our customers in the shift to remote production by delivering multiple HD visions across our high capacity contribution network. We can help you customise the right solution for your needs, bringing your audience the uninterrupted high quality live programmes that they’ve come to expect.

    BT TVOB Datasheet

  • BT Global Media Network

    Your global purpose-built digital media network.

    The BT Global Media Network (GMN) is our digital backbone, purpose-built to meet the needs of the media and broadcast companies. The GMN enables fast, reliable and secure live TV and media file transfer, with points of presence in key locations around the world. Created to connect together the key media communities around the globe, this high-capacity IP-based network has already carried live international transmissions of 4K UHD (Ultra High Definition) events.

    BT GMN Datasheet

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  • Madley Earth Station

    Access satellites covering a third of the globe

    With BT’s Madley Earth Station, which provides access to satellites covering a third of the globe, we can help you transmit and receive live video either permanently or for occasional use as well as offering dedicated data networks.

    Madley Earth Station Datasheet

  • Media Workflow Connect

    Our fast, secure and flexible network for the production and post industry.

    Media Workflow Connect gives you access to a fast, powerful and private network.  That means you can complete workflows quickly and easily, with no unnecessary  set up fees or long-term contracts.
    Once you’re connected, you can create connections to other Media Workflow Connect customers  across a private network. And you can privately access public cloud services including AWS, Azure  and Google, so you can take advantage of the latest media cloud-based software, like editing,  VFX rendering and quality control.

    Media Workflow Connect datasheet

  • BT FacilityLine Plus

    Bring your HD video and audio content to the world

    BT FacilityLine Plus is a high-capacity, multi-format video exchange services that lets you share SD or HD video content directly with your collaborators and customers. Our London-based uncompressed video network connects broadcasters together with a global community at the BT Tower.  This product is currently available within a 35km radius of the BT Tower.

    BT FacilityLine Datasheet

  • BT Software-based Playout

    Take control with our agile broadcast playout platform

    With BT Software-based Playout, you can launch, manage and monetise channels both quickly and reliably. Our truly global platform can meet even the most complex and demanding distribution and delivery needs for linear and non-linear broadcast platforms. It can deliver anything from the simplest linear channels to the most complex channel arrangement.

    BT Software-based Playout Brochure

    BT Software-based Playout Datasheet

  • BT Media Move

    Transform your ability to send large media files - easily and rapidly

    The world of TV production and distribution now revolves around file-based workflows. This means that very large media files often need to be shared or exchanged at every stage of the creative process, so that others can review or change the content.

    However, moving large files across the Internet can be a slow and laborious process. That’s why we’ve developed BT Media Move, a fully managed video delivery service that streamlines the movement of large files to your colleagues, clients and partners.

    BT Media Move Datasheet

    BT Media Move login page


  • BT Media Live

    Always-on-city-centre newsgathering

    Live outside broadcast can be a logistical nightmare in city centre locations – and maintaining your own receive site eats up cost and resource. With BT MediaLive there are none of the headaches: it’s a fully managed and always-on Radio Frequency (RF) newsgathering service that eliminates the need for vehicle-based Outside Broadcast facilities in built-up areas.

    BT Media Live Datasheet



  • BT Media Stream

    Live stream your content to the Internet for distribution via any platform

    BT Media Stream is offered as a standalone service or as a bolt-on to linear TV channels. Our high quality, dependable solution enables you to route your live content to the Internet for distribution via any platform. We can offer live streaming to a single platform, or to multiple online platforms and offline networks.

    BT Media Stream Datasheet


    IP data networking - everywhere

    When you’re in a remote location but need to be connected, VSAT satellite-based IP networking lets you be part of your digital network even from the most far-flung places.

    It’s the ideal answer for oil rigs, ships at sea and global enterprises with distributed operations in developing areas. If security is likely to be an issue, then choose BT Secure Satellite to protect intellectual property and mitigate the increasing threat of cyber attacks.

    Fast to deploy, VSAT is also ideal for emergency infrastructure and temporary use.

    BT VSAT Datasheet


  • BT Global Media Network Occasional Use

    Your on-demand global digital media network

    With BT Global Media Network (GMN) Occasional Use you can connect to the GMN to bring your remote live content to the world. With Occasional Use, we build out the GMN to meet you, using the most effective bearer technology for your needs. Your live transmission can be transmitted to your premises – or collected from the BT Tower IMC. Each year we bring over 2500 public events to the public via Global Media Network Occasional Use.

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  • BT Media Supply Chain

    Let us help you connect with best

    We’ve been at the heart of media and broadcast for decades, so why not take advantage of our relationships with technology and hardware suppliers across the industry?

    BT Media and Broadcast can help you source major technology deployments for specialist products like compression, routing, storage and encoding to general IT hardware and support, available standalone or as part of a managed service.

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